Our Founders and

VIP Special Thank You's

Our Founders

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Mr Guido Dominic, BS, MBA   

>Chief Executive Officer- CEO

Mrs Lyris Verdura-Dominic, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC      

>Chief Operations Officer- COO

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Very Special Thank You to

Dr Han-Jin Kwon

My Mentor & Friend

Thank you for your continued, pearls, support, mentoring, guidance, and friendship, truly grateful, you are the KING of Threads,

Thank you-Lyris


Very Special Thank You to

My Mentor


Dearest Best Friend & Soul Brother

Dr Shino Bay Aguilera

You have been my #1 Mentor from the beginning since in 2013

to the Fine Art of Cosmetic / Medical Aesthetic Dermatology,

and you continue to share your ongoing knowledge, perfected techniques,

and extraordinary gift in the art of providing amazing results in this field,

all while sharing your love, kindness, positive energy, sincere friendship, 

becoming one of our dearest and bestest friend, & Soul Brother, your endless support and encouragement to do what I truly love,

Thank you, I am eternally grateful, Luv You- Lyris 

Very Special Thank You to

Dr Alexander Krishtul

My Mentor & Friend

Thank you for your support, mentoring, guidance, and friendship, truly grateful, Thank you-Lyris


Thank You


My Husband


for all of your support and 

endless sacrifices

so that I could

 continue my dream of helping others,

acquiring constant 

knowledge and experience to continue providing superior quality health



care services, so my patients can live healthy & happy lives, Endless

Thank You's 


"x infinity, I win"


Special Thank You to

My Dearest Friend & Sole Sister 

Nancy Preefer,

since day one we were distend to be vital in each other's life, gift from above form our sisters:-)

You brighten my life on a daily basis, filling the void of not having my blood sister with me, advising and protecting me as a big sister, not to forget, mentoring me and sharing your vast knowledge in the field of Exemplary Skin Care & Superior Products, all while growing our friendship and becoming a vital part of our lives daily, dearest and best friend and soul sister, thank you x infinity, Love you- Lyris 

Very Special Thanks