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Concierge Rejuvenation Services

By Lyris

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Rejuvenation by Lyris


Sculptra Aesthetic Rejuvenation by Lyris


Lyris Signature Rejuvenation


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Goal: Sculptra is biocollagen stimulator injectable that stimulates your body to produce collagen which helps rejuvenate, strengthen the skin and add volume to fill hallow areas. 

Sessions: 1-3 treatments spaced 4-8weeks apart for optimal results 

Average: 1-2vials per treatment 

Prep Time: 30min prior to procedure 

Procedure Time: 15min 

**Pricing varies depending of number of sessions & vials, starting as low as $750/vial packages to $125/ml

Note: average normal is 1 vial/decade of age after the age of 30years old per manufacturer recommendation but not everyone needs the same so consult is necessary to properly evaluate and assess each patient's needs and goals

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